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A Tremendous Asset

Whether we need guidance on immigration or business law, Sid Chary has been a tremendous asset for SevenRooms over the years.  Sid takes the time to really understand the way our business runs so that when we need his expertise he is able to hit the ground running with providing advice that is relevant, meaningful, and a value add.


Great at what he does. Working with Sid was like working with a personal lawyer. He was patient, thorough, professional and handled our legal concerns in an expedited and efficient manner. He exceeded our expectations and delivered on time. We will certainly be back.

Very Knowledgable Attorney

Very knowledgeable attorney with J-1 waiver process and extremely responsive. I have approached Mr.S id Chary for help with my J-1 waiver process. With amazing knowledge and experience he suggested the process for attaining J-1 waiver and made me the understand the process thoroughly and advised me with the next steps to take. He sent me a list of documents required for the process and he went ahead and filed the waiver for me along with the letters required for each department. I received the J-1 waiver within the exact time slot that was expected. It feels so amazing and I am extremely grateful for all the work he has put through the process. Most importantly I should be thankful for his prompt responses during the process. I would highly recommend Mr. Sid Chary for people who want to consider taking the help of an immigration attorney for any of the immigration process.


I wanted to take a moment to express my absolute gratitude and happiness with the outstanding immigration legal work that Sid Chary has done for ZEDEDA over the years. Sid has consistently demonstrated a high level of patience and expertise in handling our crazy asks and questions. His ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and deliver results has significantly contributed to the smooth functioning of our company. I’ve been particularly impressed with Sid’s attention to detail and problem-solving skills that are very unique to our company. In addition to his technical+legal proficiency, Sid has been a pleasure to work with. He is a reliable team player who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that the applications are completed to the highest standards to avoid RFEs. His positive attitude and dedication to completeness is what makes him very different. I wholeheartedly recommend Sid and his team for any immigration law related requests. I am confident that he will bring the same level of commitment, skill, and enthusiasm to every client.

Perfect Execution

Was perfect in the execution of the job. Sid was able to open up our company and give us all the documents and information required without a problem. He also answered all the questions that we had with no delay, and with good explanations. Thank you again to Sid for the services he provided.

Great Lawyer

Great Lawyer. This was the first time I’ve ever relied on an attorney. Sid was patient answering all of my non-stop questions no matter how outlandish they were at times. He was quick to turn around my visa application which was a relief considering I felt like I had a lot riding on this process. I’m glad I had the chance to work with Sid.

Great Lawyer

Great Lawyer. This was the first time I’ve ever relied on an attorney. Sid was patient answering all of my non-stop questions no matter how outlandish they were at times. He was quick to turn around my visa application which was a relief considering I felt like I had a lot riding on this process. I’m glad I had the chance to work with Sid.


Sid incorporated our company very quickly. He was professional, efficient and cool. He got everything up and running in a flash. 10/10.


Top Gun. Sid was very efficient throughout the application process and was able to secure two H1 visa applications in the space of a few weeks. I was very impressed, especially considering it was the first time my firm had applied for foreign work permits


Sid helped me apply for H1B transfer when I was switching jobs. He was very thorough with document collection and sending them across to USCIS on time. He kept me posted along the process and is very approachable. He addressed all my questions and concerns.

Goes Above and Beyond

I’ve had consultations in the past with attorneys and I just have to say not one has ever shown as much interest, willingness to help, and offered so much helpful advice as Attorney Siddharth Chary. He is a genuine down to earth man who goes above and beyond far more than he even has to in just a consultation alone. He showed care and interest in my situation and offered me wonderful advice and helped me so incredibly much. Please do not hesitate to contact him, he’s absolutely fantastic. You won’t regret your decision after talking with him. If I could give him a higher rating than excellent, believe me, I definitely would. You can tell he enjoys his job, what he does, and is a people person. We need more people like him in the world, people who genuinely care and look out for one another especially in times like we live in today. If it comes down to J1/O1 transitioning, J1 waiver/H1B, I would personally recommend Attorney Siddharth Chary without a question or hesitation.

Very Satisfied

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sid and have been very satisfied with the overall result that his hard work helped produced. My interactions with Sid and his firm have only been positive. He was always available to answer any of my questions regarding the project that he is working, the status of the case, etc. In summary, I highly recommend his services!

Best O1 Visa Immigration Lawyer

Best O1 visa immigration lawyer. As a Postdoctoral associate in a University (J1 visa) I wanted to jump into corporate world. Not knowing much about the visa options, I started to apply to various companies and see how that goes. I started to get interview calls but many rejected me due to the visa status I was in. Luckily with one company I made it through. I got the offer letter to join but the company was reluctant to sponsor. But I before I give up on the offer, I wanted to ask the immigration lawyers if I had options to consider this. I started making calls to several immigration lawyers almost all of them wanted me to get the appointment to talk about the case. I found Sid Chary at the right time, and he gave the best advice on the first call right after he heard the case. He immediately suggested the only option I had was to apply for O1 visa and was well aware of the procedures and requirements. He sent me a list of documents necessary, and we immediately started working on the process. He was very responsive, fast, and answered all my concerns even through nights. He did not mind receiving calls anytime to gets things done on time. He took the case personally and even acted as a representative to talk to my company about my visa. Helped me and guided me through very step till I started to work with my company. It still feels like a miracle. He made the impossible happen. I have always suggested him as a best immigration lawyer to all my friends. He is highly efficient, and I would always reach out to him first for any of my future proceedings. I strongly recommend considering him as a immigration lawyer and I sure he would be a resolution for your visa, particularly O1 visas. I am very grateful I found him as he opened up a whole new beginning for me and I wish him the best.